My One Political Post… Vote!

I just posted my first political post on Facebook. It was a big step for me, being someone who makes every effort to be diplomatic with my words, and not to be controversial or offend anyone on social media. My goal is to promote peace. But after spending a few days with my friend and her family, all who were previously in the “I don’t like Trump, but Clinton is just as bad” camp, until after watching Trump in a rally in Panama City yesterday (on TV, just to see what he had to say), when they realized that no way could they allow a fear-mongering, hate-spreading, ego-driven person to become President. As someone who rarely watches the news or follows politics (but getting better!), but as the daughter of someone who did, I felt it was my duty to become more informed and spread the word. I doubt it changes the minds of Trump supporters, but undecided voters can see for themselves what kind of person Trump is by searching YouTube for his speeches (as well as his comments about women or anyone else). Compare that with someone who has experience in the White House, who has spent her life dedicated to public service. She may not be as good of a speaker as Obama, nor as inspirational or moral, but she has a brain in her head. She has been through a lot in her life, and was put through the wringer publicly after Bill’s escapades, yet she doesn’t get credit for that. It takes a special kind of person to be able to deal with that. Plus, her mother died only five years ago, which is not that long ago, if time matters.

My post was a link to this article. It won’t change the minds of Trump supporters, and I don’t know that anything would, especially after the multiple times he’s offended or insulted someone yet still received support. On the other hand, condemning someone for their offensive behavior isn’t in line with what Wayne Dyer suggests in his book Your Sacred Self about loving people no matter what, ie, what Jesus Christ said about loving your neighbor. That being said, I don’t have to vote for them for President. Trump’s actions and words lead me to believe he must be a deeply sad, angry person. I can relate to that, having spent many years the same way.


I won’t go on and on about it, and my political posts will be rare, but I wanted to share that because these issues were close to my mother’s heart. She was a big believer in justice and peace, and her actions showed it.

With that, I’ll leave you with this. It occurred to me yesterday that when I’m feeling down, I can find joy by looking at pictures of animals. Baby animals are especially adorable, but any animal will do. Look into the eyes of any dog, cat, goat, etc. and you’ll see nothing but pure, unconditional love there.


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