Writing and Anonymity

I finally started using Instagram for all the photos I’ve been taking, most of them taken after Mom passed. I am thinking maybe I will link to this blog there, and maybe even post a link to this blog on my Facebook and Pinterest accounts. It will be a big step, because it means exposing myself, and I’ll begin looking at my posts in a different light, a censored light, inhibited, which is not what I want my writing to be. Worrying about what others think is one of my sensitive points; image-consciousness is a hindrance that no longer serves me (or anyone), if it ever did. We all need to dance like no one’s watching, as someone once said. Truth, beauty, and soulfulness can’t be complete when driven by that egoic, fearful approach. True freedom is when I can stand up and say, loud and clear, this is who I am, without apology.

When I worked at my previous jobs I worried that I could never put my name on a blog because my writing was too personal for that line of work, and it seemed out of sync with the work I did (marketing). That feeling of not being true to myself was a major reason why I despised doing it. My writing is basically an online journal. I wish I had a passion for writing about world affairs concerning, let’s say, war in Syria, or the hurricane damage in Haiti, or the divisive political nature of America, but that wouldn’t be me. Writing is therapy for me, and I guess one could look at it like this:  I write about my everyday life, which is something everyone can relate to, I hope.

But in writing an online journal that will be visible for the world to read, where does the writer draw the line? For me I’d say my sex life for example is an obvious, easy no-no. That’s no one’s business. Someone once said to me, “If you’re doing something you wouldn’t want your mom to know about, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.” I don’t like the use of the word “should” or “shouldn’t,” but it seems like a good guideline. And if I’m not doing it, then there’s no chance of writing about it.  But what about conflicts with your loved ones? Being in any kind of relationship with someone will have some conflict; it’s just a part of life. The problem is that the other person doesn’t get a chance to have their say.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ve got to get ready for my flight so I’ll leave it at that for now. In the meantime, here’s Lily. She’s a sweet girl. 


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